Caturday 9/15/12

Happy Here Comes Fall Caturday!

All three members of our zoo are currently in a state of panic as a flock of noisy geese passes over the apartment on their way south for the winter. I would like to see Weasel try to take down a goose some time… She can’t even catch bugs.

As you may or may not know, my roommate recently adopted a small, strange looking dog. His name was Cowboy but she renamed him Reggie, which promptly evolved into Wedgie, which we shorten to Wedge or lengthen to a more formal moniker, Wedgetable, according to the setting.

The Wedgetable is a true joy and the most perfect addition to our ridiculous little family. I was nervous about Mitch getting a dog since I wasn’t sure how the cats would react and my entire life revolves around ensuring that they are at all times more happy than I am. Turns out little Wedge is terrified of these jerks and is no threat at all to their life of sleeping and eating. Except he does steal their food sometimes. And then farts. A lot.

The cats appreciate their newfound position of authority and are ruling over their farty minion like dark, evil overlords.

I don’t think my dream of interspecies cuddling will occur any time soon, but I’m proud to report we’re making some minor progress:

At least twice now I have caught Wedge and Weaz on the same piece of furniture. And one time Ralph sniffed his nose without smacking him in the face.

Baby steps.

Speaking of Ralph… Still all up in the sink. I do not understand.

7 thoughts on “Caturday 9/15/12

  1. We have a cat that we call weasel (her real name is Zoe, but she has a really tiny head so she looks like a weasel) – and I can’t imagine her tolerating another species! Wedgetable is adorable though.

  2. I just found your blog today (Gena linked to it!) and although this is a little premature- Favorite. Blog. Ever. Between the almost-sorta-vegan recipes, the yoga, the crazy hair (I love it), the fantastic writing, and of course the cats, I just died. Shark party!?!?! Yes.

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