Of Rest and Peace and Certain Transformation


I’m taking a little break, but I’ll be back.

A friend of mine gave me this, and I love it…

Let go of the ways you thought life would unfold
The holding of plans or dreams or expectations
Let it all go.
Save your strength to swim with the tide.
The choice to fight what is here before you now will only result
In struggle, fear and desperate attempts to flee from
the very energy you long for.
Let it go. Let it all go and
Flow with the grace that washed through your days
Whether you received it gently or with all your quills raised to defend against invaders.
Take this on faith:
The mind may never find the explanations that it seeks
But you will move forward nonetheless.
Let go and the wave’s crest will carry you to unknown shores beyond your wildest dreams or destinations.
Let it all go and find the place
Of rest and peace and certain transformation.

- Danna Faulds

61 thoughts on “Of Rest and Peace and Certain Transformation

  1. Seriously – I just started reading your blog and found it so fun with great insights and recipes and everything! Take care and wish you the best!

  2. Not going to lie, I’m going to miss your internet presence more than I’d like to admit out loud. I’m kind of your #1 fan.

  3. yay, Katie! i’m a long-time lurker reader :) hope you have a great time during this fun adventure, and enjoy the break from blogging!

  4. BOOM. you are blowing up the internet. annnnnd gambrell 400 has pretty much flipped their ish about your next adventure. I secretly hope you snuck either/both ralph & weaz with you in your suitcase. joder wapa, dale.

  5. Get it Gurl! Have fun, pahhlease return to blogging when you are back I miss your insightful posts…and those nuggety kittens!

  6. been following your blog for a while and was sad to see you were taking a break. just saw your pic on my local news about the bachelor. can’t wait to read all about it. have fun on your new adventure!

  7. would you mind posting to just let us know if you’re done with this blog or not?? need to know if i should stop checking or not.

  8. Come back Katie! We need an update. You know you miss blogging, right, right? (I can hope!)
    Merry Christmas&a very happy New Year.

  9. It was exciting to see you on tv! That show is admittedy one of my favorites…

    If I ever were in your position, I’d do the exact same thing (though probably not as gracefully as you!). Can’t wait for you to be back!

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