… and back.

Hello! I’m back, and I missed you terribly. Here’s a recap of what has gone on the last four months in the form of what I anticipate will be your most frequently asked questions (excluding all the ones I am contractually obligated to avoid)…

Are Ralph and Weaz still alive? When will Caturday be back? Why do you even blog about anything but Ralph and Weaz?

If I’m alive the cats are alive. Trust that they are as dumb as ever and Caturday will be back on Caturday. Obviously. I’m actually not sure why I blog about anything but Ralph and Weaz because all anyone has said to me since I stopped blogging is, “I can’t wait for Caturday to be back!”

When can you tell us about The Bachelor?

Literally never. I’m sorry. I have plenty of things to say. But I also have plenty of respect for the team that works really, really, really hard to make that show happen. Also I signed a nondisclosure, duh. Thanks for understanding.

What are you doing with your life now?

I teach yoga five days a week at Y2 Yoga. I also teach at Try Sports and private classes by appointment. When I’m not teaching I’m the Marketing Manager for Y2. Basically I get paid to tell people they should do yoga. And I’d totally do that for free. (Please don’t tell my boss.)

Is the blog back for good?

Yep. And better than ever if you ask me, which you didn’t. On the line up for this week:

  • Tofu Salad Sandwich
  • Homemade Coconut Milk
  • Healthier(ish) Peanut Butter Cups
  • Gluten-Free Banana Muffins

What did you do for four months if you weren’t on the Internet all day?

Read a lot of books. I recommend these.

What is Weasel doing right now this very second?

What’s going on with Plate Share?

I’m glad you asked. Plate Share is this little idea I have that lights my heart on fire. It’s a hunger-prevention non-profit founded on the belief that we (humanity) have enough food for everyone and that everyone has the innate human right to be fed and that if we all work together we truly can feed everyone. I’ll be pitching the Plate Share concept at Startup Weekend CLT later this month and sometimes I get so excited I want to cry. I also started working on the iPhone app and quickly realized I don’t know how to make an iPhone app. (Help? Email katierlevans@gmail.com, y’all.)

I’m new here and have no idea what you’re talking about and only stopped by because I hear you like cats. What is the meaning of this?

Hey, cool. Welcome. The About page is a good place to start. My name is Katie Levans. I’m a Charlotte-based yoga teacher, writer, nutritionist and collector of cats (just two, really). You have found my personal blog where (much to my mom’s dismay) I enjoy the occasional fit of cursing and ranting. My professional portfolio is www.katielevans.com. You’ll also find me on:

It was very strange not blogging (or Facebooking or tweeting) for a third of the year. I guess I found the disappearance of my Internet persona to be at once refreshing and debilitating. Do you have any idea how hard it is to stalk people you don’t like without Facebook? Or sit at stoplights without Twitter? Or eat meals without Instagramming them? Or find the answers to questions you could Google on your own in 0.29 seconds without first posting them to your Facebook wall for all to see? Or brag about things you’ve accomplished without all of the above?

Yeah, so maybe I only missed the blog. And, hot damn, is it good to be back. Thanks for still being here.


82 thoughts on “… and back.

    • I AGREE totally. you are so above that thing. I applaud you.
      We missed you and ralphie and the weaz SO MUCH!!
      welcome back to the webz.
      i can now add r&w back to my cat stalking. that darn tardar sauce only has like, one mood. boring.

    • I’d like to ditto this!

      Though, I definitely watched the episodes you were on, because you were on them. I don’t think I’ve ever watched it before! I was (not-so) secretly hoping that we’d here from you after that last one. Welcome back!


    PS I loved that you “bless your hearted” that crazy chick during the first Bachelor episode. So funny.

  2. I’m going to be totally real: I was a little bit excited that you chose to leave the show because I assumed that meant you would FINALLY return to the blog. You were missed. Welcome back.

  3. So glad you’re back!! I don’t have cable so I’ll probably never see you on The Bachelor. But I love your blog–thanks for being you :)

  4. and all is right with the world again. so glad to have my sweettater visit as part of my daily routine again. let me know if there is another brain storming session or need to bounce anything off me for PlateShare… ;)

  5. Our little sweet tater is back! Can’t wait for blogging and most importantly Caturday. Can’t wait to learn more about PlateShare!

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I was sooo happy to see you in BOLD on my Google Reader this morning! I’ve missed Caturday, but mostly missed this blog because you inspired me to start a yoga practice and I’ve missed your (almost) daily inspiration. So glad you’re back :)

  7. Also a long-time lurker, first time commenter (I think on any blog ever, in fact) that is really glad to see you back – after being too nervous for years to attend a class, I went to my first yoga class a few months ago and have since started a regular practice, and I thank your blog for giving me the inspiration! Welcome back!

  8. So I actually let out a squeal of joy when I saw your post in my reader. Welcome back! I seriously missed your blog. Yay!

  9. Yayayayay your back!!! Embarking on a few new resolutions/journeys and so glad your back with your helpful insight and inspiring posts….and the cats…and no longer having to watch T.B :)

    • P.S no actual judgement on joining the Bachleor I am sure it was an awesome adventure and that nondisclosure clause is such a bummer I wanted to hear some tales!

  10. So glad to have you back! I don’t read very many blogs anymore and I was so excited to have you show up in my reader. Sounds like you’ve had some great adventures during your break & that’s always a good thing. Loved seeing you on the Bachelor but like others – glad I can stop watching now. If we think people are crazy town watching the show I can only imagine what it’s like being there. :)

  11. Amiga mia, I was having withdrawal symptoms. Bienvenida y gracias a Dios que nos puede enseñar a comer y vivir y a ver los gatitos! Que nos vemos prontisimo!

    • i miss you guys! got an email from tom this morning and told him i’ll have to work my way down there soon. perhaps for a happy hour or margarita-laden lunch break…

  12. Welcome back Tater! You and the cats have been missed! And if you think your absence has been personally difficult- just think of your readers. Its been quite difficult to find adequate procrastination resources… plus none of them rip Dr. Oz a new one in quite the same way!

    Ps I’m borderline devastated that you can’t dish on the those crazy Bachelor B’s.

      • Agreed. Its pretty much devolved into an hour long infomercial with superfluous supplements. As a result of this fudgery my future mother in law insisted I try some of her “delicious, miracle tea from Dr. Oz….” Lets just say if it weren’t for Wikipedia I would have been drinking tea to help alleviate menopausal symptoms at the ripe age of 27…

  13. Welcome back!!! We’ve missed you…and Ralph…and Weaz (yes, I do love those crazy cats, but I really missed you too – honest)! :)

  14. Yay, you’re back!! Missed your posts, perhaps especially the ones laden with cursing and ranting. (Sorry, Katie’s mom!) Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere!

  15. I’m so glad you’re back! I have missed your cats and, of course, your recipes! Thanks for the humor on the Bachelor, too – especially during the photo shoot when the one girl was super excited!

  16. So glad to have you back. It’s ridiculous how out of the loop I am, because I genuinely didn’t put two and two together as far as The Bachelor thing goes. I only knew about it once it started airing because I saw people posting about it on twitter. Haha!
    I kept checking periodically hoping you’d come back soon.

  17. So, not only did I not realize you’d been back for a month, but I also had no idea you were on The Bachelor (I don’t own a television). I’m the worst kind of follower. I’m so glad that both you and Caturday have returned!

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