Caturday 1/19/13

Loyal subjects, we have returned.

Knowing that we are the only reason anyone reads this blog, we are happy to once again bring meaning into your life. For our absence, we blame Katie, and, thus, for your agony you can blame her, too. After four months of deafening silence on the Caturday front, here’s what we’ve been up to.

First of all, the biggest lie the world ever told is that Katie looks like this:

When those close to her know she looks like this (all the time):

(She’s the one in the wrong color. Obviously.)

We tried to tell her not to get another cat because already no man is ever going to marry her (thanks to us; you are very welcome) and also because we hate cats that are not us but still she adopted this tiger.

We named him Richard Parker and actually loved him dearly but sadly haven’t heard from him since he set sail on the Tsimtsum. We suspect he’s in Mexico on vacation.

We’ve enjoyed a relatively mild winter here in Charlotte until recently. But don’t worry, tiny jackets do exist and also we don’t go outside:

To better accommodate our busy schedule of sleeping 18 hours a day, Katie’s roommate purchased us this LoveSac:

Actually it’s left over from college and she’s trying to sell it, but our master plan is to get as much cat hair on it as possible so no one wants it. Seems to be working.

Our new brother Wedgie is an idiot and we hate him.

BUT he is easily trained and manipulated to do things we do so we figure we can use this to our advantage in the future.

Katie bought some prayer flags because she is so weird now, and we’re pretty sure this is what you’re supposed to do with them.

In terms of the Caturday empire moving forward, we are working on getting tshirts and our own twitter handle and parting ways with Katie because clearly we’re the money makers but don’t tell her because we’re this close to convincing her to buy us an iPad so we can have our own Instagram.

Until then, you can follow her and hope that we show up.

14 thoughts on “Caturday 1/19/13

  1. Yay Caturday! I’m so glad it’s back, I’m so glad you’re back. I haven’t been blogging much lately over the past several months, but I kept coming back here to check from time to time. Just caught up on all of your new posts! Welcome back, Katie :)

    P.S. you look stunning on The Bachelor! But obviously more stunning in the ballet photo. Obviously.

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