Carrot Coconut Soup


I got a Vitamix for Christmas. Less than 24 hours after opening it I’d already made carrot juice and hummus and watched the “Welcome to the Vitamix Family” DVD like a Loser (capital L). It has even claimed a coveted spot on my counter. (If you know anything about how I feel about cluttery shit on my kitchen counter, you know this was not a decision taken lightly.) Putting this gargantuan appliance out where it takes up precious real estate is kind of the equivalent of giving your non-live-in boyfriend a drawer at your house.

Commitment is what I’m saying.

Anyway, this was clearly a gift otherwise I would not have one. And while I refuse to look at how much they actually cost, something tells me I could’ve received at least 700 cats instead. So I have to get my (parents’) money’s worth is what I’m saying.

As such, now that I’ll no longer be chewing food, it’s a good thing I have this blog as a permanent record of all the solids I once consumed. I hope you’re ok with Sweet Tater becoming a blog about nothing but pureed soups and dips and smoothies because Lord knows what the world needs is another blogger talking about green smoothies like they are the first person to ever figure out you can put spinach in a MF smoothie. (Oops.)

But first… If you’re not buying that what I did for four months without the Internet was read books (really, I did), these are some of the other things I did.

I went on the Bachelor and am contractually obligated to never (ever ever ever) discuss it. I have literally nothing to say about it (other than that I hate my promo picture and Elan Gale is splendid and you should read his tumblr).

I came home and completely lost my shit and chopped off all my hairs. I hate it and still regret this decision but everyone else likes it so what does this say about my taste in hair?

I went to my five-year college reunion with all my favorite people on the planet and had to tell all my not favorite people on the planet that since graduating I became a yoga teacher and I went on The Bachelor. And that is it. This was still easier than telling that same story to my 88-year-old grandfather, though.

I met Dice and Bri from this smokin’ hot video. And learned some of their moves.

I made this video for my studio and wept over my laptop while editing it.

I rode all the way to Atlanta with my nephew’s head on my shoulder. My nephew is a dog.

I made my family go bowling for Christmas. Because nothing says the holidays like drinking and pseudo-sports. (I do have a Dad. He’s probably busy getting a strike.)

It was odd not blogging (or Facebooking or tweeting) for a third of the year. I found it simultaneously relaxing and maddening. It’s a sad but true fact that cutting social media out of your life leaves you feeling painfully isolated from the rest of the world. It also reminds you who your actual friends are, which, for the obvious record, are few and far between when they have to actually pick up the phone to find you.

I’m in a very good spot right now. The last four months have forced me to take an uncomfortably close look at my life. And while it took a whole lot of doubt and ache and disappointment, I arrived at the conclusion that I’m doing alright. Thriving, even.

Let’s celebrate with soup.

Carrot Coconut Soup
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  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • ¼ onion, diced
  • 6 carrots, diced
  • 1-inch cube fresh ginger
  • 2 cups vegetable broth
  • ½ cup light coconut milk

  1. Heat olive oil in a skillet
  2. Saute carrots and onions in olive oil
  3. Add sauteed carrots and onions and all remaining ingredients to the Vitamix
  4. Process on high until smooth and steam escapes from the top (about 4 minutes)

You could make this in any blender, but what makes the Vitamix magical is that it heats it up as it blends. So if you don’t have this magical appliance you’ll have to heat your soup up yourself. Like a peasant.


10 thoughts on “Carrot Coconut Soup

  1. Cute hair! I really love that chambray shirt. Went to target yesterday and could only find one that was faded weirdly and covered in white hearts? Weird.

    Anyway, I’m glad that you’ve been able to take a break and refocus. You sound refreshed!

    I was thinking about your startup/app and how great it could be (duh!) but also how you’re well poised to use the app to integrate with restaurants that use iPads for payment &/or with a mobile payment app like Venmo or Square. BIG potential here for greatness! The mobile tech startup space is huge– definitely think about getting a tech person on board, you could get some amazing exposure to VCs, etc.

  2. Oops! A few forgotten comments…..cute pic of the girls from FU……awesome videos, seriously that Equinox couple and then, you can do that TOO!………………and the nephew!

  3. Your hair looks great. Thank you for bringing this Elan guy into my life. Now I’m obsessed with his tumblr (and his neighbors/ex neighbors).

  4. from one curly girl to another, LOVE your new hair and am now tempted to go chop all of mine off.

    I am SO happy you’re blogging again.

  5. I LOVE my vitamix, but it doesn’t get a space on the counter, so clearly my love does not match yours. I also have not watched the DVD, so clearly I need to make a larger commitment.

    Nothing like a regretful haircut. That’s why haircuts only happen twice a year for me. Bring on the long locks. Glad your back!

  6. “As such, now that I’ll no longer be chewing food, it’s a good thing I have this blog as a permanent record of all the solids I once consumed” hahaha

    I LOVE your cut! I understand the regret though…I have wavy/curly hair and cut it all off to donate a few weeks ago! I’d regret it too, expect it was for a good cause. Until it grows back, I’m stuck with a few hundred bobby pins and headbands as my only means to maintain the beast! :)

  7. I don’t usually comment (total lurker here) but I wanted to say that a) I am very happy you’re blogging again and b) I loved your dress in the “The Bachelor” photo above. I know you can’t talk about it but man, I bet you have some stories. Starting with the 50 Shades enthusiast, lol.

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