Caturday 1/26/13

When it comes to cats, late is always better than never.

Unless you’re feeding them. Or scooping their lethal poops. Or begging them not to jump off the loft. In those instances I aim for punctuality.

In this weekend’s instance. I aim for sleep.

In case you missed it, (and if you did you deserve some kind of Anti-Internet Hermit Award because I have not shut up about it for 48 hours) I am at Startup Weekend Charlotte pitching the Plate Share concept. Out of 35 pitches the first night, 7 advanced to form teams and try and launch their projects in 48 hours.

There’s not enough coffee in the world at this point.

If you don’t know what Plate Share is, I invite you to read my rant here. It would also be immensely helpful to me if you could like Plate Share on Facebook. I’d love to get us to 1,000 likes before our final pitch at 6pEST tonight to show the judges proof of concept and consumer demand.

For a sneak peak at the app and a behind-the-scenes look at what we’ve been up to, just like Plate Share on Facebook.

Due to this severe lack of cats this morning, I present to you Buzzfeed’s 27 Cats That Just Can’t Handle It:

6 thoughts on “Caturday 1/26/13

  1. Liked! Good luck, I think it’s a great idea. My bank rounds up my purchases and puts the change in savings, and I think either Petsmart or Petco let you round up and donate the change for a while. It’s a wonderful and EASY way for people to donate to a good cause, and could make such a huge difference! I hope it goes well tonight. :)

  2. Liked it, and I despise liking things on facebook! But I think it’s a wonderful idea and I wish you all the very best for your final presentation, you got this!!!!

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