The Only Appropriate Response

So I’m on a gratitude binge. There are worse things in life.

I can’t tell if it’s that I’m still floating on the high of a bunch of strangers giving so freely of their talents or that I feel forever indebted to the yogis that share their energy with me every day or that I feel like stars are aligning or that last night the Whole Foods hot bar gods smiled on me and stocked fresh chicken-fried tofu, but–hot damn–it’s all so good.

There’s a beautiful Louie Schwartzberg video with narration from Brother David Steindl-Rast that sums it up nicely: that this life is a gift and the only appropriate response is gratefulness.

I love that.

(PS – I stole this from Adam, by the way, who is in India and can’t defend his playlist from there, sucka.)

I’ve been playing the audio from this in my classes and see that it really moves a lot of people. Probably because all of us have a lot to be grateful for and most of us forget this.

Anyway, I’ve been reminding them (and myself) that gratitude isn’t just about the good things. Sometimes we forget to be grateful for the bad things that teach us so much. For the unanswered prayers. For the blows to the ego. All of it’s for a reason.

After all, oftentimes it’s the things that bring us to our knees that remind us to look up. Sometimes being so low leaves us no reason but to rise above.

So use rock bottom as a launching pad, not a crash pad. Sky’s the limit.

And if all else fails, a $7 (SEVEN-FREAKING-DOLLAR) local organic raw vegan fair trade dark chocolate coconut candy bar should remind just about anyone that if you’re buying $7 candy bars, things are looking pretty good.

9 thoughts on “The Only Appropriate Response

  1. I LOVE this video!! Thank you for sharing!!

    I agree on gratitude not just being about the good things. I am so very grateful for my hellish days at work. They put everything into perspective and remind me to appreciate my amazing days or even my mediocre days. I’m grateful for my failed relationships because they have prepared me for the good and healthy relationships. etc. etc. etc.

    Enjoy that chocolate bar!!

  2. I am just so glad you’re back. Well said and all very true. It’s hard to remember in tough times or in pain, but life is a gift a journey and should be celsbtayes

  3. i work at the charlotte whole foods and that chicken fried tofu has become the bane of my existence. on more than one occasion i have had a plate of chicken fried tofu with a side of the general tso’s tofu. i think every WF employee is addicted and we have yet to master the art of moderation. i also tried a sample of that chocolate the other day and it was baller, but i’m still crossing my fingers that it will go on sale so i can avoid the inevitable first-world guilt that comes with buying such expensive items!

  4. seriously wondering why i have never seen this tofu or chocolate at my whole foods. what the. also: i really needed to see this post tonight. you are so right!

  5. When I did “culture trianing” at work a few months ago, we had something called a Mood Elevator (not like drugs…the concept of your moods being different floors of a building, and the mood elevator takes you from floor to floor…or something…) anyways, the very top of the elevator was “grateful.” I love that.

  6. really enjoyed when you played this the other night in yoga – and i just listened to it three times at my desk…in a row.

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