Caturday 2/9/13

My mom called me last week to express her concern that Ralph isn’t getting as much Caturday face time as Weaz.

(This is a true story.)

I tried to explain in the least racist way possible that this is because Ralphie is black and she’s hard to see in pictures.

Also every time I try to take a picture of Ralph she comes barreling towards me like an ox.

But to appease my mom and make sure Ralph doesn’t develop some kind of complex, here are some pictures I found on my old phone:

And for good measure, Viva la Weaz:

Our forecast today in Charlotte is “abundant sunshine” so… good luck with that whole Nemo Blizzard thing, Northeast. I’m going outside in the abundant sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Caturday 2/9/13

  1. Haha…love your Mom! And the forecast of “abundant sunshine” – that always makes me smile! (Wish we had that forecast right now.)

  2. Ralph is adorable! I have a special place in my heart for black cats. I used to have one named Buddy and he really was my buddy, but I could never get good pics of him because he just looked like a black bob:).

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