Light Up the Sky

I put an entire jar of peanut butter and a full bag of brown sugar into my Valentines. So if someone doesn’t love me this year, it’s not for lack of effort on my part.

I love Valentine’s Day. It’s one of my favorite holidays and always has been. The ornately decorated shoebox mailboxes in elementary school. The special V-Day breakfasts from my mom. The excessive candy. The love when you’re in love. The drunken nights out with your friends when you’re single and bitter. I love it all. I nominate it for second-best holiday (after Halloween).

I have no grand plans for the day. Lots of business, actually. Plate Share meetings, teaching yoga twice, doling out peanut butter blondie hearts all over town.

I was up until 1am cranking out batches of what has become my signature recipe (that isn’t even my recipe). And it was then that I realized (again) that all I really want out of life is a small vegan bakery/cafe with a yoga studio upstairs. That’s all.

I make the peanut butter blondies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar at least once a month and no one ever complains. You can find the fool-proof recipe here: vegan peanut butter blondies.

What I learned this time around is that if you cut the blondies into hearts, you get to eat all the leftover edges.

In other news, has anyone ever died from peanut butter blondie overdose?

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovemuffins.

And still after all this time the Sun has never said to the Earth
“You owe me.” Look what happens w love like that. It lights up the sky.
- Rumi

6 thoughts on “Light Up the Sky

  1. Love this post. I’ve never been to Charlotte, but if you open that vegan bakery/cafe/yoga sudio I will come just to be a patron:)

  2. I feel the same way about Valentine’s Day! And Halloween! And about opening a bakery/yoga studio! I can’t wait to try that recipe. I’ll be sure to cut them into shapes so that I have to eat the scraps. #genius

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