Rein It In

Buenos dias, babycakes.

Let’s cut straight to the chase: My food spending is OUT of control and I desperately need to rein it in. This realization was sparked, in part, by a weekend trip to LA where I was once again on roomservice-only lockdown. Eating a $25 omelet feels much the same way I’d imagine eating $25 in quarters would: agonizing, excessive and shamefully wasteful. Also gross.

Sometimes I’m frugal out of necessity. Sometimes I’m frugal out of principle. Lately I’ve been anti-frugal out of sheer laziness (and perhaps a little busy-ness). This go ’round I need to be frugal because my list of “Hey, let’s go to THERE” is growing exponentially by the day:

  • Mysore, India
  • Chicago (haven’t been home since 2010)
  • Nashville
  • Peru
  • Vancouver
  • San Francisco

And so on.

So what I’m saying is I just packed a lunch. It gave me horrible flashbacks to my working-commuting-schooling days. Also I’m not allowed to purchase coffee today. I’m crying. First world problems.

My breakfast today is the exact same thing I had yesterday: Greek yogurt, walnuts, cantaloupe, coconut, maple syrup, cinnamon, goji berries (because they’re left over from my delusional pseudo-opulent days of excess), and frozen berries (because they’re cheap, sigh).

9 thoughts on “Rein It In

  1. I can totally relate. I’ve been traveling for work a lot and spending a ton on food (company/client paid) then I come home and it’s thrown off my entire perception of what’s reasonable to pay for day-to-day food. Definitely has been out of control.

  2. I just had some dull variation of beans-grain-green for lunch again and I am so there with you. Healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love my fancypants hyped-up “superfoods” healthy stuff that costs me my left arm and first born child (good thing I’m right handed and children are overrated anyway).

  3. It makes me happy that I read a blogger who knows the difference between rein and reign. Thank you for this and of course for Caturday.

  4. I, too, have a “to go” list that makes me be more frugal… However, must be nice to have all that produce so cheap for you! Everything is so expensive (especially frozen berries) that it would be impossible for saving money that way. Lucky you!

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