I’m not a daring person. I follow all the rules. I never played on the monkey bars or learned to dive or did a cartwheel because you could break your face and I’d rather not. I’ve never smoked a cigarette or done any drugs of any kind (except one time in high school I got hopped up on caffeine pills a la Jessie Spano and I do NOT recommend it). But I’ll be damned if I won’t put an extra shot in my stupid expensive latte.


IIIII don’t even know.

Here are some things you want to know about…

No 7 Hydration Mask

Never in my entire life have I ever given a single flying fart (I was going to put a different F-word there YOU’RE WELCOME, MOM) about skincare. I wash my face with whatever’s in the shower. Even if it’s bodywash. Do not care. But lately I’ve been feeling old and haggard so I’m purchasing all kinds of things I don’t need. One that I really love is No 7′s hydration mask. Seeing as how I’m in a hundred-degree room for, like, four hours a day (minimum) it stands to reason that I am dehydrated at all times. It never occurred to me that this means my skin is also dehydrated. (I realize this makes me sound like an idiot.) This thing makes it feel like my face just drank a glass of water. It says to rinse it off after 10 minutes but I just leave it on. Is this allowed? I need a big sister or something to teach me these things.

Lattes at Home

My roommate got an espresso maker for Christmas so when I’m not busy buying lattes that are too expensive, I make them at home. My favorite so far is a maple cinnamon soy latte: 1 cup soy milk microwaved, two shots of espresso, maple syrup, cinnamon. YEP.

This is True.

This is just true.

I am going to go run my little espresso engine into the ground and then go to an event and then go to bed.

12 thoughts on “Stuff.

  1. No. 7 products are awesome. Their serum is one of the best.
    The very best skincare product is water. Water. Drink it up! It took me years to get to this point. Drinking water makes everything else seem too sweet, too fizzy, whatever, just too much. Well, except for Mich Ultra and coffee. ; )

  2. Big sister to the rescue. You can leave it on if you want! But- that product is mostly petroleum and mineral oil. You could really just use Vaseline. And use the savings on eye cream. Or more expresso. XO

  3. Super thrilled to find your blog, because your funny and your food looks great. I make that same Saved by the Bell reference all the time…so much that people are expecting it. Maybe a need new material? More Full House?

    Thanks for the mask recommendation. I have used that brand before but never the mask.

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