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I’m a loner. Always have been, always will be. At any point in my life you can pick a month and a year and I’ll tell you the one or two people I allowed within arm’s reach at the time. That’s what’s kind of funny about our new “social” world (and a place I call home); no matter what my stats are, I assure you I can still count my friends on one hand.

I started to think my solitude was hitting epidemic proportions as of late (and not just because I told Ralphie she’s my best friend… again). But then I remembered how I used to sit alone at lunch (on purpose… even when my friends were there) and I realized this is nothing new. It’s just how I operate.

This is perhaps best evidenced by the four hours I spent on a Saturday afternoon creating my shiny new Recipe Page and the eight hours I spent alone in my kitchen today making Reese’s eggs, dill garlic stovetop popcorn, and curried coconut quinoa soup. For myself. I’m a loser is what I’m saying. But now you can find my recipes in one easy-to-navigate place. You’re welcome for my shortcomings.

To be clear: I am not a recipe developer. For tried and true real-ass recipes, I direct you to the likes of: How Sweet It Is, Eat Live Run, Willow Bird Baking, Flour Child Blog, 101 Cookbooks, Joy the Baker, and literally thousands of other more respectable blogs of people who create food.

Me? I use my kitchen as therapy. So for haphazard, usually healthy food thrown together on the fly and buried under some long-winded story about my day, you’ve come to the right place.

Because while I’ve learned a lot about food in the (almost) four years since I started this blog, I still only sort of measure stuff sometimes. And when I’m hungry I want my food in my face, like, yesterday so who has time to preheat an oven? No one.

Today I left my house to buy peas and an egg-shaped cookie cutter. Four hours and a trip to the mall later, I came home with a doughnut pan. And that pretty much sums up how I go about “developing” recipes. And life.

Welcome to:

5 thoughts on “New Recipe Page

  1. Have you read “Quiet” by Susan Cain? As a fellow-loner, it was an extremely validating read that made me proud to be an introvert. It feels good to know that there are other people out there who are perfectly content spending the entire day wreaking havoc in the kitchen…solo. Solidarity, sister.

  2. Ok, I won’t take it personally that I haven’t seen/heard from you in a while :) . If you are feeling social and wanna grab lunch and catch up, let me know. I’m off til July with the baby!

  3. I am also an introvert. Sometimes I think my “quietness” comes off as me thinking I’m better than everyone, or maybe people just think I’m weird..but I just like to think about things. I also feel super sensitive to my environment at times…like I have a greater awareness. If there are a lot of sounds or things going on, then I tend to shut down (and up!) :)
    If you are looking for a friend, I’m from the Charlotte area (I realize how creepy this sounds)…we could always go to lunch and sit there in complete silence! haha!

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