Blueberry French Toast

Saturdays are the jam.

Yesterday I learned that you can actually set your iPhone to block calls from anyone but your “favorites” from Friday afternoon through Sunday night. Hello, done.

While this was a game changer this weekend, I wish someone would also make some kind of child lock app that blocks you from using Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and assorted other lifesucks on your own mobile device for pre-determined time frames. I call it Un-App(etizing). Get it? Whatever. Commence development.

My “favorites” are reserved for people with my last name so… That’s why I haven’t called you back this weekend.

You’ll get over it. I made you this French toast.

So there’s not so much a “recipe” for French toast, right? You just throw it all together. Surely no one measures these things. This is only the second time in my life I’ve ever made it, but I’m pretty sure it’s something you just can’t do wrong.

In keeping with true Katie in the Kitchen style, I measured nothing and ended up with, like, an entire bowlful of extra batter that I trust Adam will use to make French toast for the rest of his life. So I’m not even going to stage this with a legit recipe card. I’ll give it to you in a narrative.

I woke up and wanted to walk next door for a diner-esque breakfast but convinced myself that the $50 I spent on a spray tan the day before also earned me a budget-friendly at-home breakfast. Damnit. So I rummaged up some always-stocked items: (gluten-free) bread, (almond) milk, (local) eggs. It felt counterintuitive to use almond milk in an egg-centric dish but… whatever. It also feels counterintuitive to wear pants but we all do it now, don’t we? I combined almond milk, three eggs, vanilla extract and cinnamon to create entirely too much batter for just four slices of bread. Too late now. I heated some butter in a skillet, soaked the bread slices in the excessive batter and cooked them until browned on each side.

Meanwhile… I had some blueberry sauce simmering on the next burner over. For that I just threw a bunch of blueberries in a pot with a little water, sugar, cinnamon and soy creamer to cut the tartness.

I topped it with peanut butter and it was like a fancypants peanut butter & jelly and also the most satisfying Saturday breakfasts I’ve ever had.

Then I Instagrammed it. I lose.

9 thoughts on “Blueberry French Toast

  1. This looks delicious — I might veganize with a banana instead of eggs. Random question: what type of GF bread do you like? My son is sensitive to gluten, and I’ve been becoming increasingly suspicious that I may be, too. Any recommendations?

    • do it! i have a vegan french toast recipe w/banana here:

      as for GF bread, udi’s is a pretty safe bet. but i don’t think they have any vegan options (egg whites, i believe).

      food for life brown rice bread is good but it’s not like regular sliced bread at all. it’s pretty dense. i wouldn’t do it for a sandwich but it’s a fair trade off for, like peanut butter toast.

  2. Looks delish! I think Poppy’s bagels is on my radar this morning…

    Did you go to gorgeous glo to get your spray tan? I’ve been debating trying them…

  3. I wish DROID had this kind of option. Would make things MUCH better. And I am totally making the blueberry french toast this weekend!

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