Caturday 4/27/13


Happy gloomy Caturday. Can we get some springtime up in this piece?

And on that note… Why is it springtime, summertime and wintertime but then… autumn? Seriously now. Falltime. How is anyone supposed to learn this language? Welcome to America: bough, cough, thorough. GOOD LUCK, IMMIGRANTS.

These are the ultra-deep thoughts running through my ultra-fried brain at the moment. Here’s another one I pondered last night in the arrivals line at the airport: Do you think people 100 years ago thought we’d be flying commercial jets all over the damn world AND that we’d have an entire parking lot at the airport dedicated to our magical handheld computer devices called cell phones? No they did not. Because it’s weird, man.


Last night I went to Caitlin’s surprise birthday par-tay with Jen and if you think I took a single picture with anyone other than Pippa the tail-less, you must be here for the first time. Welcome.


Ralph and Weaz came. Almost.


3 thoughts on “Caturday 4/27/13

  1. Hahah Apple really know how to make their customers happy. Autocorrect to cat always. I think the cats were trying to flirt with me on Twitter last night ;)

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