Caturday 5/4/13


So. Yesterday I wore a cat-print dress, and a 15-pound tub of kitty litter exploded in my trunk. This clearly sucks (the explosion, not my awesome dress), but if you want to talk silver linings I’m now thinking about starting a mobile litter box service with the aftermath. Or at least making a snazzy Pinterest DIY portable litter box tutorial with stupid sparkles on it…

Tired of scooping poop? Sick of your house smelling like poop? Gonna literally kill someone if you step in one more pile of kitty litter when you step out of the shower? Wish your cat could just frigging poop into a receptacle that then drives as far away from your house as possible?


portable litter box

That’s not even the best part of yesterday. My hard drive also crashed. Like a damn lead balloon. I bought a new one (obviously, because I can’t function without a computer) but made good use of my six computer-less hours by watching Dr. Oz and painting my nails red. It was a big day.


Without my knowledge, Ralph and Weaz launched a Caturday photo contest on twitter.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 11.37.48 AM

After reviewing dozens of entries, they decided to feature one favorite:

This is Boo dressed like Catman.


If you have a cat you want to feature on #CATURDAY, you can submit photos to @ralphandweaz.

They also wanted everyone to know that the results of their brother Wedgie’s DNA test finally came in and it’s official:

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 11.12.27 AM

2 thoughts on “Caturday 5/4/13

  1. Your nails look awesome. Dad and I are sure that the trunk has been vacuumed………are we correct? How do you spell vaccuum? vacuum? dust buster?

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