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“You know how when a couple has a baby and it totally interferes with their relationship?”

Adam is eerily calm as Joey the highway kitten pounces on him from behind a mountain of sheets at 6:30 in the morning. This following a scarring (literally and figuratively) attack by Tilly the two-legged cat and the emotional trauma of making him bond with Toby the stray dog and then promptly hand him off to his new family.

Nope. I have no idea what you’re insinuating here.

So the deal is I currently have four cats in my house. Ralph, Weaz, Tilly the two-legged cat and most recently: Joey (like Dawson’s Creek because she’s a girl) the highway kitten.

I found Joey hunkered down on the center line on Tyvola with traffic zipping by on each side. Ignoring my mom’s lifelong advice to never risk a human life to save an animal, I slammed on my brakes and was promptly rear ended. Naturally. Try explaining to someone that you just created a serious automotive hazard in order to rescue a stray kitten.

The other driver was surprisingly cool and didn’t stop me from sprinting barefoot (had to toss the heels aside) down the side of the road to see if the kitten was still there. She was. With trucks speeding by inches away from her. When the traffic finally broke I ran into the street (barefoot) and snatched her up.


Both cars were fine so we let it go but did exchange information so I texted the other driver later that day to apologize again. I’m not saying I condone reckless driving to save kittens but…

I took her to the vet and they said she is “remarkably healthy considering her circumstances.” I LOVE her and if I didn’t already have two-and-a-half in the apartment… I’d keep her. (Adam cringes.)

Just LOOK at her playing with her mouse.

Want to adopt Joey?

If you are in or around Charlotte and are interested in adopting Joey, you can reach out to Halfway There Rescue for an adoption application. I believe there is one person already in line ahead of you, but in case it doesn’t work out you can go ahead and get in line.

Joey is female (despite her name… Adam named her), 1.5 pounds, healthy as can be, litterbox trained, received her first round of vaccinations, and has a sweet, playful disposition.

It doesn’t end there. Some very kind dog rescuers emailed me yesterday asking if I could help get the word out about Charlotte, a beautiful lab mix currently in foster care but in emergency need of a permanent home or she’ll be shipped off to New Jersey on Friday.


Charlotte is a lab mix (probably some boxer), 10-11 months old, house trained, crate trained, spayed, vaccinated, good with kids (lived with a 5-year-old child), good with other dogs, disinterested in cats. She is a little scared of males so probably has a bad history. Charlotte was found abandoned as a puppy and has been tossed around from shelters and fosters.

Charlotte Best Closeup

Charlotte and Friend

Let’s save this sweet dog the stress of getting passed from place to place and find her a home here, appropriately enough, in Charlotte.

Want to adopt Charlotte?

Charlotte was pulled from the shelter by Lulu’s Animal Rescue in New Jersey so I assume a formal application process will go through them, but you can reach out to me if you’re interested in seeing her and I can connect you with her foster:

That does it for my stray animal collection this week. In the midst of all the madness, we celebrated Adam, Weaz, and Ralph’s birthday on Monday with carrot cake cupcakes. I tried to give him Joey but he said no. Rude.

The man is in need of some serious dog time. At least he still has Wedgie… who is basically a cat.


Oh! And I almost forgot to mention… My brother proposed to his girlfriend (an animal rescuer extraordinaire) and look how he did it:


Those are her three rescues plus his black lab. Love.

12 thoughts on “Adopt a Pet

  1. The “will you marry me?” pic is sure making its rounds this morning. It’ll be on Pinterest…………right? Your brother would hate it.

    All the animals are adorable. I hope they find their forever home ASAP.

  2. I love that you are doing this! I would have done the same thing for Joey (she is the cutest!). Whenever I volunteer at the MSPCA I always opt for the cat room because my landlord is highly allergic and won’t allow them. This, of course, does not stop me from calling friends/family and pawning cats off on them.
    Charlotte is also adorable. I really hope someone adopts her.

  3. dear lord. Love this post. Love that you are wrecking your car to save animals. I share the same heart..have taken in too many ‘found’ dogs, slammed the brakes for too many turtles, squirrels, ducks and geese and take too many baby birds to the vet… It fantastic to see your compassion towards animals.
    “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” ~Immanuel Kant
    Your heart is pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gosh, I wish I lived in Charlotte so that I could adopt that Lab!! So pretty, I hope she finds her forever home :)

    I was riding my bike the other day and stopped dead to save a baby turtle from the trail. Three bikers behind me said a few four letter words and when they realized why I stopped, they were even more heated. I just couldn’t let that little guy get hit!

    So, I absolutely love the kitten story! Glad you and Joey are both ok. You need to get an “I Break for Animals” bumper sticker.

  5. I have a bleeding heart for animals, especially cats, so I would have done exactly what you did for Joey. And I want a lab so badly that I would adopt Charlotte, but I don’t live in Charlotte quite yet (someday…). But they’re both so adorable I bet they will get adopted very soon. :)

  6. Pretty much going to BEG my husband for Charlotte when he comes home! We have a one year old pit-lab mix that we just rescued and I really think she could use a playmate for when I’m at school…plus, I freakin’ love animals and do the same as you when I see a helpless life stranded.
    The other day I stopped traffic to shoo a snake out of the road. I’m THAT girl.

    I’ll let you know!

  7. I am going to read this post to my boyfriend so that he thinks I’m a bit less insane for loading two random dogs into my car last week on my way to work because I just “knew” that their owner would be looking for them. I had to work from home for the day, but I did find their mama.

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  9. I wish I could adopt Charlotte. I just rented a house with no fence around the yard. :( I hope she and Joey find a good home. By the way, I LOVE the picture of your brother’s proposal.

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