Caturday 6/29/13


I have an idea for a business: OTC medicine delivery service. Seriously though.

This might sound lazy or even extravagant to you until you need to be within a quick sprint’s distance of a toilet. What now, judgeypants? Wish someone would deliver that Pepto to your doorstep now, don’t you?

Four words: OTC medicine delivery service. Or you train your cats to go to CVS.

I lucked out today because someone has actually agreed to date me long term, which means he got the early morning SOS text for an immediate medicine delivery. (I just want you to know you’re not in love until your significant other brings you anti-diarrheals very early in the morning.)

But what if he wasn’t around? Send Weaz?


Not a chance. She’d come back with Swedish Fish and a Snuggy.

Ralph? No. She only shops Amazon because she believes everything she could ever need is on the Internet.

Joey Donut? Sadly (or happily?), she has moved to her new home. She was adopted last week.


So that leaves me with an option to send Tilly the two-legged cat to Walgreen’s or call an OTC medicine delivery service (that doesn’t exist yet but definitely should).

I called Adam instead.


4 thoughts on “Caturday 6/29/13

  1. That IS true love. Keep him! I knew it was meant to be when my now husband cleaned up my vomit after our first New Years party together haha..but that was like…a bajillion years ago! I hope you feel better, and I’m glad Joey Donut found a home :-)

  2. That IS love…and I could not be more happy for the two of you!!!

    Hope you are feeling better. Also, happy and sad (for you) to hear that Joey Donut has found her “forever” home…bittersweet, indeed!

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