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I’ve decided that so long as you have a iPhone, you don’t really go on vacation. It’s my own fault because I have what my sister has dubbed “email anxiety” and can’t handle watching unread emails pile up in the inbox so I check it incessantly to try to keep it “clean.” This succeeds only in cluttering my real life with a false sense of urgency 24 hours a day. News flash: My life is not this important.

You’d think the solution might be just not checking to see if there are new emails. When you find a way to make me stop doing that, please let me know. I actually took my email off my homepage and dropped it like three pages deep in the apps to deter myself. Doesn’t work.

Nevertheless, I went on vacation last week.

We’ve created quite a tradition out of spending long weekends in Hilton Head at Adam’s sister’s house. We don’t ever go with much of a game plan, but it always ends up as lots of eating, lots of bike riding, and lots of beach walking.



Our favorite Hilton Head destination is Roastfish & Cornbread, a gullah kitchen a little off the beaten path with THE BEST sweet potato cornbread you will ever eat in your life AND a vegetarian menu.

I got the Ethiopian lentil salad with cous cous, acai vinaigrette and fruit. Killer.

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We also discovered a new restaurant on our drive into town: Fiddleheads Pizza in Bluffton. That’s where that massive slice of pizza above came from along with this torched romaine salad.


Hilton Head for us is generally reserved for yoga pants and bathing suits only, but we fancied up for a legit night out at the Jazz Corner. Adam was really excited about it as is evidenced by this quote I pulled for Yoga Teacher Boyfriend:


(In case you missed it, I started a whole website dedicated to the ridiculous things Adam says: Yoga Teacher Boyfriend)

The Jazz Corner is a tiny little venue with an award-winning kitchen and a cult following. Reservations should be made about a month in advance to get in. Vegetarian menu? Hardly. But we dined like kings on the bruschetta, grilled pear salad and grilled goat cheese flatbread.


Successful trip. Next time I’ll leave my phone at home.

10 thoughts on “Hilton Head

  1. Yoga Teacher Boyfriend is quite entertaining. This may be a silly question, but what program do you use to put together those quotes and photos? Word? Powerpoint? Thanks!

  2. Sounds NICE! I want to go to the beach (any beach) so much, it almost hurts!

    Also, just in case I haven’t mentioned it lately, You + Adam = the most adorable couple!!!

  3. I have the same phone tendencies, so I uninstall email of my phone while we are on vacation and tell a choice few to text me if there is an emergency. Heaven!

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