The following is a constantly evolving list of the blogs and websites I read, stalk and cite.


Char’s Kitchen – Homegirl can make some serious vegan food.

Eat Live Run – Jenna moved her healthy life to California, gained 10 pounds and started cranking out some killer recipes (and hilarious anecdotes)

Flour Child Blog – Maggie is a brilliant writer, talented baker and invaluable friend. I mean that.

How Sweet It Is - gluttonous food, hilarious back stories

Natalie’s Killer Cuisine – beautiful photos of truly killer food

No Face Plate – Julia is a private chef and all around baller

NPR Food – making boring things interesting since 1970

NYT Fitness & Nutrition – journalism at its finest

Oh She Glows – Angela quit her job to run her vegan bakery (Glo Bakery) full time.

Peas and Thank You – I want to be just like Mama Pea when I grow up

Pickles & Honey – I am continually impressed by Amanda

Simply Breakfast – breakfast.

Slashfood – random food news

Smitten Kitchen – beautiful photos of beautiful food

Splendid Minta – my lovely friend Liz is crafty and garden-y and all things I am not (harass her until she starts selling adorable aprons again)

Taylor Takes a Taste – brilliant food photographer and tailgater extaordinaire

V.K. Rees Photography – Probably my favorite blog on the entire internet. Truth. Stunning photos. Vegan food. Cats.

Willow Bird Baking – you’ll want to eat every single thing Julie makes

World’s Healthiest Foods – endless information from the George Mateljan Foundation

YumSugar – recipes, gadget reviews, food celeb gossip, etc.

Charlotte Friends:

The Chic Life – lovely food, lovely girl

Foodie Fresh – Kelly is constantly creating new recipes and mixing in some fashion along the way

Healthy Tipping Point – Caitlin secretly went to school for physical therapy while working 40 hours and training for a marathon. Now she’s got a book deal for her other project, Operation Beautiful.

Katy Loves – sweetest girl you’ll ever meet

Life in a Holding Pattern – Brittney covers everything from food and fitness to life as a pilot’s wife; don’t miss Clyde the wiener dog

Litterachi – Book reviews and inappropriate things she says in yoga from my friend Rachael

Peanut Butter Runner – I want to be just like Jen when I grow up. Busy as hell and still just delightful as can be.

Pure2Raw – Michelle and Lori make insane raw food, which they sell in their online bakery

This Runner’s Trials – Jen is an amazing runner, among other positive traits

Yuppie Yogini – Nicole has great insight and thought-provoking posts

Foodless and Fitnessless Blogs by Friends and Loved Ones

Bitches and Tigers – life by Adrian

Girl Meets Life – I just love Gracie. She’s like a younger, prettier, more relevant Carrie Bradshaw.

It’s Hard Out There for a Temp – Piper’s hard knock life in NYC

Witty Domain Name – Adam’s movie reviews are better than the movies

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  1. Awwww, thank you so very much for adding me to your blogroll; you just made my day! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and keep up the great bloggin’!

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