Best Day

Watch your back, Big Daddy

Today was damn near perfect. No wait… it was. Period. I started my morning with a Glo Bar, leftover banana soft serve and decaf coffee and then quickly bolted out the door for yoga. I had wanted to do Tanner’s “Pimp My Pose” posture seminar in the afternoon, but I much prefer to sweat my ass off first thing in the morning. [Charlotte trip #1]

Good thing I did because when I got back Stew and I ran back to Charlotte together for Trader Joe’s and Yoforia. This was only my third time in a Trader Joe’s and Stew’s first. We are not fans. I know it pretends to be a health food store, but flip that box over and check the ingredients. All kinds of nonsense in there. All kinds. Not much organic produce either. [Charlotte trip #2]

Yoforia, however, we love.

Yoforia (to the tune of NOTORIOUS)

But let’s be serious, this isn’t healthy either. They post the nutrition facts per ounce so they look really impressive. 25 calories per ounce?? Sweet! Yeah, too bad I’ve never gotten fewer than 12 ounces (= 300 calories AND 5g sugar per = 60g sugar!). I’m not saying that’s stopping me. I’m just saying we need to all stop kidding ourselves here.

Bring it on

We made a grocery stop at Earth Fare and then came home for a major baking adventure: vegan gluten-free carrot cupcakes with “cream cheese” frosting.

BAM success.

They are awesommme. I’ll do a dedicated recipe post for it once I figure out what I did. Because wouldn’t you know it, I once again just threw a bunch of stuff together and didn’t write it down.

I took my baked goods to Michelle’s house for a little going away partay for Kath and Emily. It sucks they’re leaving just as I’m arriving, but I’m glad I got to meet them and that I’ve tapped into this incredible network of people. [Charlotte trip #3]

Charlotte bloggers (Caitlin's photo)

MeetĀ Kath, Michelle, Emily, Diana, Jen, Caitlin and Kelly. (Don’t miss Caitlin on the freaking TODAY SHOW on August 5 at 10am! She’ll be discussing her book Operation Beautiful, which you should buy.)

Eating with food bloggers is the best because they EAT. I had a feast of an incredible black bean burger (watch yo back, Big Daddy!), corn, black bean salsa and grilled veggies.



Michelle doesn’t have an official recipe for her burgers but they are GOOD. For dessert I had:

Diana's sweet spinach muffins

Carrot cupcake

You can find Diana’s muffins here.

Carrot cupcake time

The cupcakes were ugly but delicious. The AC in my car is broken aaaaaagain so they got a little melty because it’s only, like, A MILLION DEGREES HERE.

Thanks so much to Michelle for hosting a great party! I drove all the way home and was at my exit when she tweeted to let me know I forgot my camera. F! Only a blogger would go all.the.damn.way.back.

That’s right. [Charlotte trip #4] I turned around and drove all the way back to get it. Then I met my brother and his friends at a bar and now here I am at 1am trying to recap it all. Who am I?

Chic Housewarming

Veggie burger

Man, tonight was blog-tastic. Yeah I said that. We went to Diana’s (The Chic Life) housewarming party where I hung out with Jessie (Don’t Forget Dessert), ate Angela’s (Oh She Glows) spelt burgers and met Nate and Kate (The Blog Stalker), Kath (like you don’t know) and Emily (The Front Burner).

Daaaaamn. That’s quite a line up , right? Charlotte is the coolest.

Jessie is the best

I took down two glasses of sangria and passed a third to Stew. I also had a lovely veggie burger (I made them one time) on a Great Harvest bun plus several desserts–chocolate chip cookie, piece of brownie, an awesome sweet sticky rice aaaand a piece of almond cake. I did NOT forget dessert. I hope Jessie is proud.

Diana’s house is lovely… I do believeĀ chic is the most appropriate word to describe the entire evening. Chic and… awesome. Awesome food, awesome dog, awesome people.

I was giddy and uncontrollably chatty the whole ride home. I definitely rambled on about amino acids at one point. I think I was just so happy to be around people who like what I like… and are not cats. Fun fun fun. Thanks, Diana!