Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

That’s impossible. No it’s not. Falafel. All of it.

What kind of yoga do you practice?

I practice hot vinyasa yoga or anything I can do in my living room. When I attend regularly, I usually go 5-6 times a week for one hour a day.

What’s your favorite pose? Least favorite?

I love standing ardha chandrasana and then entire warrior series. I hate hate hate pigeon (bad knees), plow and shoulder stand.

Where are you from?

I was raised in northern Illinois but I’ve been in South Carolina for seven years. I love it here because I hate the winters there. I have dreams of living in California just for the food.

You either don’t have a job or don’t have a social life. Which?

Hm, both. Sort of. Allow me to explain… I used to have a great 9-to-5 that paid well and flew me to places like Copenhagen, London, Madrid and Naples. But I realized the business world just wasn’t for me. When I was working full-time and blogging at a high frequency, it is very safe to say that I did not have a life. I worked all day and then blogged all night as an escape. I eventually decided I wanted to go back to school so I took a full load of night classes on top of my full-time job… and continued to blog. I didn’t have a life then either. I have since quit my job, completed my Master of Science in Nutrition, and started teaching yoga. My “real” job (since people are uncomfortable with yoga as a real job) is Marketing Manager at Y2 Yoga.

Why do you love cats so much?

Why don’t you love cats so much? Everyone should be so lucky to have a cat. I’ve always loved cats. When I was little I wanted a cat so badly I would write my parents persuasive essays on why I believed I could handle the pet ownership responsibility. My dad always told me he was allergic to cats, but around age 10 his dad finally told me he was lying and just doesn’t like cats. After that, the next stray I found, I kept. Her name was Gracie, but she was a boy. Now I have Ralphie and Weasel (also both girls) and I trust you know them well.

Why won’t you eat meat?

Short answer: I don’t need it. I don’t want it. And I don’t care for it.

Long answer: I don’t need meat because I can get all the nutrients I need from non-animal sources and would rather eat those plants, nuts and seeds anyway. I don’t want meat because because I think it’s really hard to find humane meat in this world and I prefer not to support an industry that abuses its employees, its animals and our planet. I don’t care for meat because I’ve just never liked it that much. When I ate meat it had to be served in nugget or patty form and be unrecognizable as a former life. I also couldn’t eat it alone and had to have it mixed into mashed potatoes or buried under bread.

Will you ever eat meat?

Vegetarianism has been a real joy for me. I eat foods now that I never would have touched before. I don’t see it as a restrictive diet in any way. If you look at it as a process of “crowding out”–filling your diet with so many new fruits, vegetables and non-animal proteins that there’s no longer room for meat–rather than a cruel restriction on your McDonald’s intake, then vegetarianism is quite wonderful. Speaking of McDonald’s…

I gave up meat on a whim in high school. I just wanted something to do, I guess. I was never much of a meat-eater prior to that time unless said “meat” came from McDonald’s or Taco Bell. The last burger I ever had from McDonald’s contained a large mass of rubbery, unchewable hot pink flesh/organ/unknown. I will never eat another one. I also never crave meat. I do joke, however, that when I’m pregnant my cravings will probably be for meat. Just as a cruel, cruel joke. I can’t imagine I’d give in.

Are you trying to make money off of this blog?

Ehhh, it’s so unlikely that I feel inclined to say no. I also don’t plan to put ads on it sooo… unless anybody has a better idea, no. Yes. I monetized in June 2011. Now, please go refresh your browser a hundred times… Thank you in advance for your contribution to my cat food fund.

What do you do to your hair?

Here’s the thing: I’m what you’d call extremely low maintenance. As in… I don’t really even like to shower. (But I do.) When it comes to my hair, I’ve found that the less I try to control it, the better it looks. I cut it myself and only about once a year. Curly hair is very dry so it should really only be washed once or twice a week. But I condition probably four or five days a week. I’m not picky about my shampoo or conditioner. Anything on sale or already in the shower works for me. I do, however, religiously buy John Frieda’s Frizz Ease mousse and apply it in the shower when my hair is soaking wet. I believe this is more habit than anything else though because when I run out and am too lazy to buy more for a few days, my hair looks exactly the same. As for drying… air dry. Every single time. I don’t even own a hair dryer. Or a flat iron. Or a brush for that matter… Really, I haven’t had a brush since I was maybe 14.

What can you tell us about The Bachelor?

Abso-frigging-lutely nothing. NOTHING. Thanks for understanding.

15 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. “I do joke, however, that when I’m pregnant my cravings will probably be for meat. Just as a cruel, cruel joke. I can’t imagine I’d give in.”

    You could always eat the placenta after you’ve squirted out Junior. No creature had to die/suffer/whatever for that meat!

  2. I too don’t understand how people don’t like cats. I begged everyday (I actually remember all of this) a full year as a child until I finally got a cat. She is Cactus, and she is awesome.

    I also have unruly curly hair that looks best when I do… nothing!

    • I prayed for my first cat and finally, someone dumped one off in our yard and my mom let me keep her! I always thought angels brought us Kallie. :-) I was 12 at the time. She died just this year. It was tough! But I now have three rascally cats to keep me company. Oh and two dogs. And a goldfish. I love that I am not the only one who begged for a cat!

  3. We have three cats and I love them. (They are often on my blog, as well as our dogs. My husband and I have dicussions constantly on what’s better, cats or dogs. I claim they both have their positives and negatives and it’s not fair to classify. He claims dogs win. I then pick up one of our sweet, fuzzy little babies and stick them in his face. Or on his shoulder. Or tell him “Look at this sweet, cuddly face!”) I love your hair and that you are low maintenance. I really hate getting ready in the mornings and look messy most of the time. I think. I’m happiest when my bangs are up the sides are up and I have on exercise gear, though I have really simple exercise gear. Or my monkey pajamas. I love them. I like your blog and can’t wait to read more. I love your take on vegetarianism. I gave up fish in middle school (didn’t appeal to me and I’m not sure how I feel about it.) red meat in high school and now I just rarely eat meat here or there–turkey mostly if anything and it is usually hidden. I’m with you. I don’t crave it.

  4. Oooooh my goodness! I’m so glad I found this blog! You make me laugh so much! I can’t wait to read any future posts! (And I agree. How could someone NOT like a cat?!)

    • Ha! Oh my. I’ve tried responding to you twice on my phone and had major typos. I hope you get email notifications with all the slip ups… “rashy.” Anyway, THANKS ashley!

  5. Found your site via HTP…love it! My yoga practice will never be as flexible as yours but I love reading your posts on the practice, especially the one where you ‘went for it’ in King Dancer, beautiful! And your hair!!! Mine is very similar, but NEVER as cute!

    Hope you enjoy living in the Carolinas. That is ‘home’ for me despite being ‘on the go’ the last decade, married to the military. Looking forward to reading more here!

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